Podcast of the Week: The Jordan B Peterson Podcast: Episode 59 - Bjørn Lomborg

Last week I traveled to Atlanta to attend the 44th annual Venture Capital Institute conference. It was a fantastic time filled with some life-changing lessons. My desire to bundle those lessons up into a digestible blog post has delayed my usual timeline a bit, so expect a post on that early next week. In the meantime, I thought I would share one of the most interesting podcasts I have heard in a long time. Fair warning: this podcast has little to do with tech and even walks dangerously close to the line of politics. That being said, I think it is hugely important that people listen to this episode to hear about the very compelling research that Dr. Bjørn Lomborg and his team at the Copenhagen Consensus Center have compiled. Lomborg and a team of Nobel Laureate economists analyzed the UN’s current development goals and force ranked them by capital efficiency. Basically, they looked at for every $1 dollar invested into each development goal, what will the economic impact be. There are a few results that I am sure will surprise you! I love this pragmatic methodology and the way it allows policy makers to more effectively allocate resources. Similar to startups, it turns out that capital efficiency is very important for global development too (had to tie it back somehow!). Enjoy!

Overview of findings.