Welcome to A Berg's Eye View! My name is Erik Berg and this is my personal blog. I am very excited to get started on this project and it is my sincere hope that you enjoy your time here. 

A little bit about myself. I am from Denver, Colorado and now live with my beautiful wife in Bethesda, Maryland. We met at the College of William & Mary where I majored in Finance and Public Policy and concentrated in Entrepreneurship. I love to read fantasy novels, play tabletop games, and watch my favorite soccer team, Arsenal F.C., play (and despite their best efforts, occasionally win). 

I have three goals for this blog:

  1. To create thoughtful and compelling content centered around the world of technology, startups, and entrepreneurship. I am absolutely fascinated by "startupland" and will be writing about the companies and market trends that I find intriguing and innovative. I have no background in this world but hope to someday make a career there and I am learning as much as I can about it in the meantime.

  2. To hone my personal writing. I believe that anytime you take your thoughts and transform them into a reasoned and developed argument or thesis you create an opportunity for growth. Through this medium, I hope to cultivate my personal writing style and strengthen my ability to explain concepts in a direct and easy to understand manner.

  3. To entertain my readers and have fun with every post!

If at any time I am not moving towards these goals, we will be closing up shop. Until then, you can expect regular posts about the latest startups, technologies, and trends. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, feel free to hit subscribe to receive an email notification whenever I make a post. 

Talk soon.